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Taru on Ikebana

My experience of ikebana…by Taru

Taru JiyukaI started my course because I love gardening, flowers and plants. I had heard of ikebana, and just began researching about to see what was involved.

Interestingly, I managed to find out that one can do classes and wanted to experience it for myself. I started the Ikenobo ikebana classes and I was made to feel very welcome. After my first class I was very pleased that with a small number of flowers, I got a great arrangement. I felt that the class was very well organised, and the environment was very warm, friendly and relaxing.

I got the chance to practice the arrangement when I got home and was able to reflect on what I learnt. I looked forward to each class and found that each time I came away that I had learnt something new and wanted to continue.

I met other people in the class, who were all very friendly and helpful. Each week, I had the opportunity to see the results of their efforts and that encouraged me to keep going and improve my own arrangement skills.

I was lucky enough to be able to go to an exhibition for ikebana and felt that I got the opportunity to meet many other people with similar interests and this was very encouraging. I also got the opportunity to show some of my friends and relatives how ikebana, although different from other flower arranging is still very rewarding. I got very positive comments about the exhibition and how creative everyone was. Ikebana, to me is very pleasurable and I feel gives one a chance to relax and be creative. I realize I have a long way to go and looking forward to continue with my next class.

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